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During the New Year's Eve celebration in the Werenfridus church in Wervershoof, the Benedictus Medal was handed over to Kees Ooijevaar, secretary of our foundation. The Benedictus Medal comes from the largest monastery in the world, Monte Cassino. The monastery is built over the tomb of St. Benedict. Benedict is the Patron of Europe.

With every 6 months presidency of the EU, Benedict's torch goes from this monastery to the European country that then presides over the EU. Each year Monte Cassino gives a medal to volunteers who make a difference in Europe. During Pastor Sjaak's last visit on his ordination day on October 25, the abbot of the monastery, Bishop Donato, gave him a medal with the request to give it to someone within his circle.

Donato was in Wervershoof for his ordination in 1986 and with the founding of Brasili-Ja. Pastor Sjaak told him that this group still exists and now makes a worldwide difference. It is "logical " that this red box goes to the secretary of the Foundation ….. It is a modest international sign of "Thank You" and appreciation for the secretary and for everything the foundation has been doing for so many years. The best thing was the loud applause from the people in the church when the medal was awarded to Kees.


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