For a purpose - June 2019

Wonderful news from the Netherlands. Last weeks the schools "de Schelp" and "de Werenfridus" from Wervershoof (Netherlands), have been working hard to collect money to fund the current and upcoming projects from our organization. They've been raising money in different creative ways. In cooperation with different shop owners from Wervershoof, a Bingo has been held. People could enjoy the evening while enjoying the homemade cupcakes and cookies. They completely filled a transport van with returnable bottles which have been refunded at the supermarket. Some kids been walking from house to house, to do chores, and all this to help us and Nepal with current and future projects.

Big thanks to Auxilia-Brasili-ja. Auxilia-Brasili-Ja is an organisation based in Werversoof (Netherlands), who supports small organisations, to achieve the ‘Mileniumgoals’, set by 189 countries around the world. For more information see link:
Together with Wouter de Groot, they’ve been to the schools, to hold presentations about our organization and out projects in Nepal. The raised money have been doubled by Auxilia-Brasili-Ja which set the amount on a beautiful 6318,50 Euro's! The amount that the kids raised is amazing, deep respect.

We can be proud as organization, for there is so much support for our projects, from so many different parts of the world.
Big thanks to all the donors and sponsors, to trust and believe in our organization and projects. Also the people who we haven't mentioned in this message. Every small amount is worth a lot in a country like Nepal. We will make sure that the money will be used well.



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