Newsletter February 2022

Number 3

More than six months ago I read a small text in the local newspaper under the heading "In 60 seconds". That article is my starting point, with many thanks to the author or writer.

I should actually buy more from the local middle class, the local entrepreneur. I know, but it's tempting to order something on the internet. This has a number of advantages: you do not have to go to the store, the ordered item is delivered to your home, it is often a lot cheaper.
I have ordered a "universal dimmer" in the above manner. And then it happens.

I received several emails:
1. Thank you for your order. We get to work immediately for you.
2. Webshop: Thank you for your order via
3. Your order has been given to the delivery service
4. Postnl: Your package is on its way
(Maybe they weren't sure if they'd already sent it. So just one more time)
5. Postnl: Your package is on its way
6. The delivery person is on his way
7. Postnl: Your package has been delivered

But that is not enough. The next questions came: whether the contact with the delivery person was good, whether the order was completed satisfactorily and whether I can indicate what I think of the product. I never really feel the need to answer that, but the delivery person can benefit from it: after all, he/she has to be assessed frequently?
It also happens to me that, when I buy something in a store, I almost immediately receive a message with the question: “What did you think of the visit to our store?” or “Did they help you in a nice way in the store?”
What the hell are we doing? They seem to want to know everything and we seem to have to judge everything. Soon I will also be asked what I think of the clothing and appearance of the shop assistant. It really shouldn't get any crazier. You could almost say: make a list of shops where they do not participate in this craziness. And then I think I end up with the smaller local entrepreneurs. Still going to buy more locally.

Kees Ooijevaar


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