Newsletter June 2022

Number 4


Suppose you win a prize in a very special competition. Every morning your bank deposits 86,440 euro into your account, to be spend as you will. But, there are some rules attached to this competition.
The rules are:
*Everything you DO NOT spend that day, will be taken from you again
*You are not allowed to tranfer that money to another private account. You can only spend it.
*Every morning the bank opened a new account for you with an amount of 86,400 euro for that day.
*The bank may end the game at any time without prior warning. When they do, it’s game over and you don’t receive anything.

What would you do?
Maybe you first buy all kind of things for yourzelf: a new car, a nice trip, nice stuff. Maybe you donate money to your loved ones, family and friends, maybe even a good cause. You would try to spend every penny and spend it wisely, right?

I have fantastic news for you! This game exists! Each of us owns such a magic sofa. Only sometimes we seem unable to see it.

This magic bank is called TIME!

Every morning when we get up we recieve 86,400 seconds as “a gift of life” and when we go back to sleep at night the time we have left is NOT credited. The time we didn’t live that day to the fullest is lost forever. Yesterday will never come back. Your time account is refilled every morning, but the bank can block your account at any time ……. without a warning!

So, what do you do with your 86,400 seconds every day?

Are you devoting those seconds to yourself, your loved ones, charity?
Are you using all these seconds usefully?

Let this sink in for a moment and remember:
enjoy every second of you life, because time flies so much faster than you think.


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