Annual report 2013

The content of the Annual Report 2013:
* Tasks within the board
* Website
* Circular
* Plans of 2013
* Planning for the coming years
* Future
* Projects

Tasks, all functions within the administration:

Chairman: Sjaak de Boer
Vice Chairman: Peter de Boer
Treasurer: Piet Neefjes
Secretary: Kees Ooijevaar
Address Database Management, P. R.: Hans van der Geest
Fund raising events: Marco Dudink, Peter de Boer, Martijn Droog
Minutes and Fund raising events: Esther van Velzen
P.R: Manon Koomen
Sponsoring / Deputy Treasurer: Lonneke van der Gulik
Member: Pastor Jan Suidgeest

Our website is maintained by Digital Dreams in Enkhuizen .
The aim is to adapt the site once a month.
The articles are provided by the Secretary .

The aim is to make a circular letter 4 times a year, written by the secretary and the chairman. This year we have achieved this goal . The circular is posted on our website, in local weeklies in "Nu en Straks" (parish) and on the site of the parish .

Plans for 2013
* Community Auction
* Mother's Day breakfasts
* Food Fair
* Christmas

* Community Auction
Each year there is a community auction in Wervershoof .
We offer: Motherdays breakfasts.

* Mother's Day breakfasts Mother breakfasts
We could bring 8 breakfasts. Many positive reactions. Definitely worth repeating.

* Food Fair
We planned the Food Fair in November but we had to cancel it. In the same weekend would be "a benefit evening" at the Cultural Centre De Schoof,

* Christmas:
The Christmas market was moderately visited (little or no advertising of retailers and bad weather) . Throwing the arrows on Christmas balls was a great success .

Planning for the coming years:
2014 Food Fair, Mother's Day, Mont Ventoux, Christmas
2015: Mother's Day, STRAAT(M)IJSJE, Christmas
2016: Mother's Day, Food Fair, Christmas

The further development of the recommendations made by Cornelis Trommel.

The following projects were supported:
Sunny Lane (orphanage in India)
Amigos Comlombianos (Colombia)
Watu Wangu (purchase tractor with watertank Kenya)
Handicapped sport Brasil Intugai
Maintain a school in Cambodia
June Foundation the Gambia


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