Annual report 2012

The format of the Annual Report 2012:

* Tasks within the board
* Website
* Circular
* Plans of 2012
* Plans for the coming years
* Future
* Projects

Tasks, all functions within the administration :

President : Sjaak de Boer
Vice Chairman : Peter de Boer
Treasurer : Piet Neefjes
Secretary: Kees Ooijevaar
Address Database Management, P.R: Hans van der Geest
Actions: Marco Dudink, Peter de Boer,
Martijn Droog
Minutes and actions: Esther van Velzen
P.R: Manon Koomen
Sponsoring/Deputy Treasurer: Lonneke van der Gulik
Member: Pastor Jan Suidgeest


Our website is maintained by Digital Dreams in Enkhuizen .
The aim is to adapt the site once a month.
The articles are provided by the Secretary .
Since January, the site in the air. This site includes our action on June 17, 2012, the day when 20 people go climbing Alpe d' Huez. This site is designed and sponsored by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The aim is to make, written by the secretary and the chairman, 4 times a year a circular letter. This year we have achieved this goal . The circular is posted on our website, in local weeklies in "Nu en Straks" (parish) and on the site of the parish .

Plans for 2012

* Promo Fair
* Community Auction
* Mothersday breakfasts
* Auxilialpe
* Christmas

* Promo Fair
Once every 2 years (January) is a Promo Fair held for the companies in and around Wervershoof. Auxilia-Brasili-ja presented themselves.
Our main goals:
More awareness-
Bring the action Auxilialpe

* Community Auction
Each year there is a community auction in Wervershoof .
We offer: Motherdays breakfasts and a place for 2 drivers in June with us going on the Alpe .

* Mother breakfasts
We could bring 8 breakfasts. Many positive reactions. Definitely worth repeating.

* Auxilialpe
On 17 June, 20 drivers did the Alpe d'Huez climb. It has become hugely successful. Problem was that many people mistook our action with Alpe d'Huzes. Nevertheless, we have the great amount of € 14,000,- to be given to the June Foundation.

* Christmas
The Christmas market was moderately visited (little or no advertising of retailers and bad weather) .
Throwing the arrows on balls was a great success .

* European Football
A fun action of Alex Lindeboom, owner of a local pub. He let EK shirts (soccer) printing and a portion of the proceeds deposited into our account.

Planning for the coming years :

2013: Mother's Day, Food Fair, Christmas
2014 : Promo Fair, Mother's Day, Alpe d' Huez, Christmas
2015: Mother's Day, Ker(k) Mis, Christmas


Cornelis Trommel has a piece written about our Foundation. We have put a first step to discus the recommendations.


The following projects were supported by us :
Sport for handicapt people (Brasil):
Father Sjaak gave this project a check for € 1500
Guitar for the guitarist of the youthchoir of the church in Itaguai :
There is € 500,- paid for a good electric guitar
Watu Wangu :
Erwin Dol and Inge Doodeman were supported with € 500,-
Lenten Hague :
For basic care in Kenya, an amount of € 500,- was donated
Foundation June :
With our action Auxilialpe we could give The June Foundation € 14.000,-
Joan Friend :
Joan was supported: € 500,-
Veerle vd Togt :
For her project in Borneo Veerle got €750.

The descriptions of the projects can be found on the site.


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You can support our work:

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to Auxilia-Brasili-ja

Chamber of commerce no: 371000429
RSIN/tax no. 816039562

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